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UCSC Wins Awards at e-Swabhimani 2012

UCSC won four awards at the 4th National Bst e-Content Award e-Swabhimani 2012 organised by the Information and Communication Technology Agency of Sri Lanka. The awards ceremony was held at Cinnamon Grand Hotel on 10th January 2013.

  • Facial Muscle Anatomy based approach for Forensic Facial Reconstruction in Sri Lanka a standardalone system in English produced by 4th year ICT students of the UCSC, namely: Roshan Rajapakse, A.K. Madugalla, P.I.U. Amarasinghe & V.H. Padmathilake together with the Department of Forensic Medicine, University of Sri Jayewardenepura was a winner under e-Science and Technology category. Supervisors: Dr. Anuja Dharmaratne & Mr. Damitha Sandaruwan.

Completely decomposed or dis-configured dead bodies would at times make it hard for Forensic Officials to  establish their identity using existing identification mechanisms. In such cases – for example victims of Natural Disasters and Murders, forensic facial reconstruction is used. The process involves acquiring a 3D model of the skull and digitally recreating the facial muscles in a 3D environment followed by adding different facial feature to improve identification. The underlying data gathered for this process included Facial Tissue Thickness and Facial Component Analysis with specific reference to Sri Lankan anatomy. This  facial reconstruction solution is feasible and cost efficient and will enable local forensic officials to be more efficient and their process more accurate.

  • Field Artillery Simulation System (FASS) a standardalone system in English produced by UCSC together with the Centre for Research and Development, Ministry of Defense, School of Artillery was also a winner under e-Science and Technology category.

The Field Artillery Simulation System (FASS) is used to train forward observers who play a major role in directing artillery fire to identified enemy targets and in providing feedback to zero in on targets. Currently the Sri Lanka Army trains forward observers using live fire. This proves to be extremely costly. FASS simulator allows this  training to be done at a fraction of the cost by recreating the artillery‐firing scenario in a projected immersive environment using computer simulation and 3D models. FASS is a complete training system that helps the instructors to control the training and monitor the progress of the students. It has three main  components – Trainer station, Trainee environment, and the Gunner station. The trainer can load 3D models of different environments with different lighting and environmental conditions. FASS allows 3D models of the firing ranges to be developed independently.

“Saasthara” is based on a simple idea to give Sri lankan Facebook users a homely feeling in the cyber space. Application is created around the iconic character of “Saasthara Gurunnanse” who read out funny predictions about the user and their friends. Interactive nature and use of native language in “closer to heart” manner had made the application grow rapidly.