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Support Staff

Mr. Kenneth Thilakarathna.

security consultant and forensic investigator

He is a security consultant and forensic investigator and has been an information security consultant, reviewer and implementer of IT security policies, process and application security controls reviewer and auditor, business impact analyzer, vulnerability assessment and penetration tester, cybercrime/digital forensic investigator and professional systems and security trainer with experience over five years in information security. He has spent majority of his career at University of Colombo School of Computing (UCSC) researching, project managing, providing consultancy services and training. Furthermore, he was also a consultant at professional global consulting firm.

Mr. Buddhika Priyasad.

Research Assistant

Buddhika Priyasad received his bachelor’s degree in mathematics with honors from the department of mathematics, university of Colombo. He contributes himself as a research assistant to the wireless adhoc sensor network laboratory, UCSC and as an instructor to the master in information security.