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Hands-on Labs

IMPORTANT: A properly configured Laptop is required for each student participating in this program. There will be some practicals done using customized virtual images and these virtual images will be loaded simultaneously. Therefore we recommend your to bring a Laptop with the following configuration.

OS: Any Linux version (Ubuntu, Fedora, CentOS)
Processor: Intel Core i3
RAM: 2 GB (4GB recommended)
HDD: 500 GB (1TB recommended)
Other:DVD writer, USB support, Network support – Ethernet with WiFi

  • MIS1101 :Principles of Information Security Labs

    Linux operating system

    • Understading the Linux kernel and the architecture
    • Basics of shell scripting

    Security Models

    • Introducdtion to pluggable authentication module (PAM)
    • Access control using PAM
    • Introduction to extended access control lists(XACL)
    • Access control using XACL

    Operating system security

    • Protecting drives with Truecrypt
    • Installing and configuring Tripwire (Intrusion detection system)
    • Understanding the fundementals of Security Enhanced Linux(SELinux)
    • Configuring SELinux

    Public Key Infrastructure

    • Configure SSH communication using generated signatures
    • Create your own certificate authority(CA)
    • Use custom created CA to send secured mails
    • Apache Open SSL configuration

    Social Engineering Tool Kit

    • Understanding various social engineering attacks
    • Mass mailer attacks, Phishing attacks
    • Understanding Backtrack Linux and Metasploit framework

    Privacy enhancement tools

    • Shodan search engine
    • Tor browser
  • MIS1102 :Cryptographic Systems Labs

    Mathematical background

    • Modular arithmetic
    • Eucledian algorithm
    • Fundementals of groups, rings and fields

    Lab session

    • Calculations using Sage Mathematical software
    • Implement the Eucledian gcd algorithm using Python on Sage
    • Implement the extended version of the gcd algorithm using Python
    • Check the validity of a given ISBN number

    Public Key Encryption

    • Understanding the Mathematical formulation RSA, ElGamal and Rabin algorithms

    Lab Session

    • Implement the encryption and decryption algorithms of RSA, ELGamal and Rabin using Sage

    Block cypher

    • Understanding the Hill cypher and bacis linear algebraic manipulations
    • Feistel networks

    Lab Session

    • Find the power matrix under mod n using Sage (n is a prime)
    • FRIDAY is encrypted using a 2 x 2 Hill cipher. The cypher text is PQCFKU. Find and verify the key.

    Hash functions

    • MD5 and SHA

    Elliptic curve cryptography

    • Understanding the mathematics behind elliptic cryptography

    Lab Sessions

    • Plotting elliptic curves using Sage

    Lab Sessions for Cryptanalysis

    • Decrypt the given encrypted message using the cryptographic knowledge you have obtained. You may use the statistical properties of the letters.

  • MIS1103 :Information Risk Management and Audit

    Laboratory Activities and Assignments

    • Data Classification and Information Management
    • Risk Assessment and Management
    • Information Systems Certification and Audit
  • MIS1104 :Network Security

    Laboratory Activities and Assignments

    • Intrusion Detection and Intrusion Prevension
    • Introduction to Wireshark and Communication Protocol Analysis
    • Secure Communication
    • Network Vaulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing
    • Authentication Architectures

  • MIS2101 :Database Security

    This section will be updated soon.
  • MIS2102 :Digital Forensics

    Laboratory Activities and Assignments

    • File Systems and Security
    • Forensics Investigation Tools
    • Evidence Acquisition
    • Steganography
    • Forensics Analysis
    • Network Forensics
    • Malwere Analysis
    • Insident Handling
  • MIS2103 :Security in Mobile and Wireless Networks

    This section will be updated soon.
  • MIS2104 :Project Management

    This section will be updated soon.


  • MIS3101 :Information and Coding Theory

    Laboratory Activities and Assignments

    • Probability and Information Security
    • Information Integrity in Detail
    • Information Communication Security
    • Information Communication Error Correction
    • Huffman Encoding
    • Information/Data Compression
  • MIS3102 :Secure Software Systems

    This section will be updated soon.
  • MIS3103 :Information Security Governance

    This section will be updated soon.


  • MIS4101 :Cyber Security and Law

    This section will be updated soon.
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