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Local Applicants

The Master of Information Security Programme is designed for graduates who wish to acquire a postgraduate qualification in the area of Information Security. This Program offers mid-career opportunities for those working in the areas of information technology, information system audit and information security.
This two year master program is aimed at enhanceing theory and technical education and comprises of 16 courses in information security and management. These courses cover the topics essential for the effective development, deployment and maintenance of secure information systems.


Programme Objective:

  • Acquire a detailed understanding of information security challenges in networks and software systems
  • Assess the information security risks faced by an organization
  • Design and implement networked, software and distributed systems with information security in mind
  • Gain expertise in both theory and practice of information security
  • Gain expertise to manage the growing complexities associated with securing data and networks
  • Gain a detailed understanding of the interdisciplinary aspects (technical, business, management, policy) of information security


Eligibility for Admission to the Programme:

  1. A Degree of a recognized University ; or
  2. Any other academic or professional qualification, which is deemed equivalent to a Degree by the Senate of the University of Colombo on the recommendation of the School.


A Student who has obtained minimum of 2.0 GPA for the first and second semester courses is qualified to follow the third and fourth semester courses.


Minimum Qualifications for Master of Information Security:

A Student who has satisfied the following conditions shall be deemed to have qualified to obtain the Degree of Master of Information Security.

  1. Has obtained a minimum of 45 credits.
  2. Has obtained a minimum of 2.0 of GPA.
  3. Has obtained a pass for the Applied Mini project.


  • A student can opt to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Security if he/she does not satisfy the minimum requirement of the Master of Information Security.
  • A student who satisfies the minimum requirement of the Master of Information Security will not be eligible to obtain the Postgraduate Diploma in Information Security


Duration: Two year part time course of four semesters (15 weeks per semester)

Maximum intake: 25

Course Fee :

  • The course fee for the first and second semester is Four Hundred and Fifty Thousand Rupees (Rs. 450000/=).
  • The course fee for the third and fourth semester is One Hundred and Fifty Thousand Thousand Rupees (Rs. 150000/=).


Styles of Delivery:
Learning will primarily take place within short lectures, tutorials and practical sessions conducted by foreign and local experts. Short lectures and practical sessions will be organized on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 5.30pm to 7.30pm.  Tutorials will be organized on Saturday 9am to 4pm. A wide range of assessments will be used across the program to assess the knowledge and skills.


Application Procedure:
Admission to the above course will be made on the basis of a selection test followed by an interview. The medium of instruction will be in English and as such a good working knowledge of English is expected from the candidates. Those awaiting results may also apply, but they would be eligible to be admitted to the programme only if their results are officially available prior to the date of interview.

Important Dates

Application Close: 19th August 2016                                                   Final Selection List: 19th December 2016

Issuing of  Admission: 05th October 2016                                         Notifications for Registration: 04th January 2017

Selection Test: 16th October 2016                                                       Registration Deadline: 03rd February 2017

Results Published on Web: 04th November 2016                             Inauguration: 04th March 2017

Interviews: 21th & 27th November 2016                                            Commencement of Lectures: 10th March 2017

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(All information contained herein is subject to interpretation by relevant UCSC By-Laws and Regulations.)