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Information and Coding Theory

Course IDCourse NameCreditsSemester
MIS2101Information and Coding Theory3Second

Having completed this course the student will be able to:

  • understand the principles and applications of information theory in data compression, transmission, storage and processing.

  • analysis, design and optimization tool for wireless systems and networks, sensor networks, network information flow.


Entropy: entropy, relative entropy, mutual information, chain rules, data processing inequality, the asymptotic equipartition property, entropy rates for stochastic processes, Data Compression: the Kraft inequality, arithmetic coding etc., Channel Capacity: discrete channels, random coding bound and converse, Gaussian channels, Error Control Coding: linear block codes and their properties, hard-decision decoding, cyclic codes, convolutional codes, soft-decision decoding, Viterbi decoding algorithm, Advanced Coding Techniques: lattice codes, trellis coded modulation, coset codes, multi-level codes/multi-stage decoding, iterative decoding